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Pilotné projekty
1998 – 2001: Project STONEDUCA (Stone + Education)

The aim of the project was introducing the latest knowledge in the field of stone conservation and restoration from the point of view of the modern products, technologies in accordance with the EU ecological requirements. It concerned the professions of stonecutters, art stonecutters, restorers. The target group were young people in IVT (apprentices) but the combination of different education modules is suitable to educate both unemployed people and company employees.
The project was carried out in a close cooperation with the social partners, most of all SME´s and research institutions representatives. It will contribute to teaching foreign language in this specific area and solving of environment problems connected with stone conservation and restoration

• AQUA Praha (ČR)
• Istituto Internazionale del Marmo (Milano, Italy)
• Handwerkskammer Trier (Germany)

2003 – 2005: PROSTONE

The aim of the project was to collect and provide small and medium entrepreneurs with the latest information in the field of stone restoration, preservation and protection.

The project PROSTONE made up the model of further training of small and medium entrepreneurs in the field of traditional and new technologies and materials that are used in the process of buildings renovation.

The project also brought numerous innovations in following areas:
- innovation in the vocational school curriculum
- innovation in training activities

Specific project aims:
- investment in vocational training of various target groups
- development of lifelong learning
- connection between elementary vocational training and lifelong training.

The priority of the project was the development of cooperation among training institutions within different types and levels.

The project elaborated different topics:
- historical materials and technologies
- theory, methods and techniques of practical stone conservation
- theory, methods and techniques of stone restoration
- methods of documentation based on exploitation of the graphic and photographic
- introduction of the history and preservation of the cultural heritage
- introduction of new methods within adults training
- proposals for certification.


European Centre for Education and Training (ECET) (Evropeiski Centar za Obuchenie I Kvalifikazia) SOFIA, Bulgary

Society for Monument Preservation Technology (Společnost pro technológie ochrany památek) PRAGUE, Czech Republic

Handwerkskammer Koblenz Zentrum für Restaurierung und Denkmalpflege Herrstein KOBLENZ, Germany

Koulutuskeskus Salpauls - Päijänne Institute LAHTI, Finland

Tampere University of Technology, Laboratory of Engineering Geology and Stone Institute , Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto, Rakennusgeologian laboratorio ja Kivi-instituutti TAMPERE, Finland

Istituto Internazionale del Marmo MILANO, Italy

Etudes et Formation LUXEMBOURG

Kommune Roros ROROS, Norway

Cech kamenárov Slovenska LEVICE, Slovakia

Secondary Vocational School - Stredné odborné učilište stavebné LEVICE, Slovakia

2003 – 2005 EURORESTOR

Project objectives:
- To carry out an analysis to determine the skills that a technician in stone restoration should have, in order to determine the formative needs for that professional profile
- To define a training programme from the conclusions drawn from the study. This programme will be general, and can be adapted to the particular needs of each European region or country
- To promote the implementation of the training programme developed in the countries that took part in the project
- To produce training material to be used as support for the implementation of the produced training programme, as well as for other courses related to this matter. This material will consist in a CD-ROM
- To create a web site about stone restoration that acts as a platform for the dissemination of the project and project products, and as the link among all the organisations related to stone restoration
- To disseminate the products developed and the project itself at European level. This will be carried out both through the web page created and other tools such as: members and institutions web sites that collaborate with them, professional bulletins, professional associations, media, etc.

Project partners:

The Swedish Stone Industries Federation - SE

Asesoramiento, Tecnología e Investigación, S.L. - E

EUROROC - European and International Federation of Natural Stone Industries - EU

EUC Sjalland - DK
IES Ribiera do Louro - E

Escola de Artes Antonio Failde - E

Malta Centre for Restoration - MT

Stenforsaskolan - SE

Secondary Vocational Building Training College - SK
SOU stavebne Levice

Slovak Stone Association - SK
Cech Kamenarov Slovenska

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